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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to our new blog. We hope you will join us here as we talk about the pralines we love making as well as the other things we do here at Old Town. Growing up in the French Quarter and watching these candies being made in my grandmothers patio is one of my fondest childhood memories. The picture you see here is our grandmother, Louise in the patio at 627 Royal Steet. In fact, her praline shop was one of my favorite places. Later it became a favorite of my children too. To say the least , it was a sweet place to be and not just because of the candy makin' going on. We all learned so much there both about the warmth of family and the sweetness of New Orleans' favorite candy- the praline. Now as Patty and I make them daily at Old Town we often talk of how important this candy has been not only to the history of our city but also to the history of our family.

For now, we will tell you that our pralines are a local favorite and we are very proud of that. Our traditional praline is made with no dairy or glutin and they are our best sellers. Then, of course, there are the chocolate topped turtle pralines and the chocolate chewy pralines that are our next best sellers. And, we will do a chewy praline if you request it or a coconut one for those who like these products. Our line of pralines is always subject to the desires of our customers. So you can always make a special request and we will try to accomodate requests.

Well, that's about all we'll say today on the subject of pralines. Over time you will find postings on our blog on many subjects that we hope you will enjoy reading. For instance, we hope to give you receipes with pralines you will enjoy, stroies about growing up in the Quarter and introduce you to some of the most interesting people we have met over the past 70 some years through Old Town.

Later, Mary Lou