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Monday, March 14, 2011

Jockamo Knows Gumbo

The've done it again. Another great children's book by Joanne Mehrtens and Pat Roig. And, what a book!
When Ralph and Roxanne learn that their friends Jackamo and his Maw Maw Laroux have the flu they step in to help. They set about making soup for them but quickly learn that the only cure for their flu is Maw Maw's gumbo. They find her recipe and the fun begins. Ralph and Roxanne set out for the French Market, New Iberia, Lake Ponchartrain, Avery Island, and the Island of Delacroix. Here they find all the ingredients they need to make this delicious dish. The preparation of the gumbo will teach children not only how to cook gumbo but also where all the spices , rice and seafood come from. It is an adventure that teaches not only how to cook but also how good it is to help a friend. It also lets children in to the culture of our great state. By the way, you can do more than just read this book . You can actually cook the gumbo and bring the recipe to life for them. And then you can sit down with them to have a great dinner and pass a good time together. Enjoy!!!!