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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Counting Around The Neutral Ground

Guess what? Joanne Mehrtens and Pat Roig have written a second book and what a fun read it is! You will remember these two Metairie schoolteachers who wrote and illustrated The Beignet That Almost Got Away. If you did not buy their first book you missed a great treat for your kiddies. Well, the new one is even more fun. It is a counting book for the little ones
that will have them counting up and down the St. Charles streetcar line. The'll be counting things truly native and unique to New Orleans such as snowballs, streetcars, water meters-Got the picture? The book is a fun way to learn to count because it gets these little readers to count many of the things that make everyday a beautiful adventure for them as they move about the city.

There's a nice surprize in the book too! While those two Zany NOLA roaches, Roxanne and Ralph, are secondlineing and teaching thoughout the book, they are also having a conversation that brings humor to the older folks that are reading to the little guys. But make no mistake about it, the wonderfull illustrations and clever wording will capture the attention of your children and have them " Counting Around The Neutral Ground" in no time.

And, by the way, both Joanne and Pat have graciously signed these books for us. IN A FEW WEEKS WE WILL BE HAVING A READING AND SIGNING BY THEM IN OUR STORE. WE WILL LET YOU KNOW JUST WHEN THIS WILL HAPPEN.

Mary Lou