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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pralines, chocolates and Popping the Question

Pralines, Chocolates, & Holiday stories

We want to thank all who stopped by this week to purchase our candies to serve as hostess gifts and after dinner treats for Thanksgiving. In talking to some of you we found that our pralines and chocolates went as far as Australia, England, Iraq and as close as Houma, Lafayette and right around the corner from our shop. How nice it is to know that so many people enjoy our products.

Another big happening in our store right now is that many of you are picking us the Saints secondline umbrellas we make. In fact our Saints are so popular right now that a lot of the wedding umbrellas we are doing for grooms are being requested in Saints colors.

We have a special that we will be doing for this Christmas season. We will gift box 10 pralines, place them into a gift bag with tissue and add a real New Orleans gift card for only $10.00. If you want to ship this we will do the special and shipping for $15.00. Or we will do the same special in a 20 count box of candy for $20.00 over the counter and if you want it shipped we will do that for you for a total of $28.00.

Now here's an Old Town holiday story we thought you may enjoy. A very nice young man came into our store the other day to purchase a box of our pralines. I asked where he was taking them and he said that he was going to visit his girlfriends parents and thought they would be a nice thing to bring them for the holidays. We talked a few more minits and he explained that he was really going to meet them and ask for her hand in marriage. He was hopping that our candy would help make popping the question sweeter. I hope that he got a yes for all his sweet efforts. He seemed like such a nice young man that I don't know how his girlfriends father could turn him down. I sure hope he will stop by and let us know how he made out. What a happy holiday this will be for him and his girlfriend if his wish comes true.

Hope all y'all had a great Thanksgiving.
Mary Lou

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Holiday Gift Ideas

Here's just a few of the items we are working on now that would make wonderful gifts for your family and friends. Of course there are our pralines, perfect for the a holiday gift that brings a little of the great flavor of New Orleans. Then, there are our chocolates. Our Lou si Ana Marshmellow is raved over by locals and visitors alike. A Product were very proud to offer our customers. The Jackson Squares and City Park Turtles are a delicious chocolate candy that is filled with only the finest caramel and Louisiana pecans. And, our Crescent City almond and pecan clusters are always made fresh and are deliciously ready to satisfy your sweet tooth. Another couple of items we always keep on hand for our customers are our pecan logs and divinity-two longstanding favorites at Old Town.

This year we've chosen to offer our Roasted and salted pecan halves, our chocolate pecan halves, and our honey roasted pecan halves. All are good and freshly packed for your gift giving.

Now, here's a bit of good news for all you out there who only eat sugar free candy. We have now added Sugarfree chocolate fudge, vanilla fudge and sugar free almond bark to our line of chocolates. We know that you will enjoy these so we made a special effort to get them ready for this holiday season.
And remember, you can always come by for a sample of our products.