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Monday, November 29, 2010


Did you know that we make our pralines in two sizes. We make them small and we make them large. No matter which size you want for yourself or as a gift -they are made fresh and shipped out the day they are made for you. We especially like the traditional praline. They contain no dairy or gluton yet they are smooth and delicious. We've been making them this way since 1935!

We'll box them up and dress up the box for you- we'll even add a personalized card with you personal message on it. We feel so strongly that you will enjoy our pralines that we will refund your purchase price if you really do not like them. They make the perfect holiday gift.

Here are some tips about pralines that you may not know.

Our pralines freeze very well. Simply put them in the freezer , box, bag and all. The sealed bag will collect a little moisture over time but that is no problem.. Remove them from the bag and let them come to room temperature and their great.

If a praline breaks, just put it over ice cream. They make a wonderful topping.

You can break our pralines up and put them in your sweet potatoes. While the potatoes are baking they will absorb that grand sweet and nutty flavor.

Now here's a tip for those of you who are making your own pralines for the holiday- if it's damp just cook them to a degree or two higher. If you don't they may never get hard for you!

And, don't forget our chocolates. We make a really great rocky road . Our chocolate is smooth and delicious. You will not ever be dissapointed in this candy or any of the other chocolates we make. We have named our version of heavenly hash and rocky raod Lou-se-Anna Marshmellow after the marshlands of our state. It's made with Chocolate, Marshmellews and pecans for your enjoyment. We hope you will try some.
Some of the other chocolates we make are City Park Turtles, Street Cars, (chocolate, caramel and pecans), Pecan clusters etc. Some are milk chocolate and some are dark chocolate. Just let us know your preference.
Have a sweet day!,
Mary Lou

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  1. Hi :)

    Years ago I was at a Christmas party and the hostess served your MAGNIFICENT Fruitcake. I have been searching for it FOREVER and finally found it this evening, when I happened upon your website! It really made my day, and I plan on ordering one soon! It truly is the VERY BEST delicious fruitcake EVER! :)